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It plays a crucial role in trying to convince us to buy the product that is advertised.Advertisements became a vehicle of the nationalist message of swadeshi.Advertisements draw our attention to various products and describe them positively so that we become interested in buying them.Advertisements, including packets of cigarettes carry the statutory warning 'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health'.Let us see how the persons who make advertisements decide on what images, text and personal emotions to use to sell the product.We are just made to imagine the difference because of the advertisement.When we go to cinemas, we see advertisements before the film begins and on the Internet, they often pop-up when we go into different websites.Exporters can be informed of such an enquiry even by way of advertisement in the press put in by the importer.All these regulations are required to be followed by advertisers.By critically understanding what advertisements do, we can make better decisions about whether we wish to buy a product or not.This type of business provides greater possibility of abuse to dishonest traders to cheat the customers by making false claims about the products or not honouring the commitments made through hand bills or advertisements.By linking our personal emotions to products, advertisements tend to influence the ways in which we value ourselves as persons.It is, therefore, important to know how advertising works and understand what it does before we choose to buy the products that advertisements sell.While watching a cricket match on T , the same advertisements are shown repeatedly between each over and so you are often watching the same image over and over again.But if we look back into history we find that from the very beginning of the industrial age, advertisements have played a part in expanding the markets for products, and in shaping a new consumer culture.

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