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They appointed chiefs of different sub-groups of Maasai, who were made responsible for the affairs of the tribe.Every religious group or sect is free to manage its religious affairs.In the corporate form of organisation, there is a distinction between those managing the affairs of the enterprise and those owning it.External users include: present and potential Investors (shareholders), Creditors (Banks and other Financial Institutions, Debentureholders and other Lenders), Tax Authorities, Regulatory Agencies (Department of Company Affairs, Registrar of Companies, Securities Exchange Board of India, Labour Unions, Trade Associations, Stock Exchange and Customers, etc.To administer the affairs of the Maasai, the British introduced a series of measures that had important is a website of Central Government Ministry of Consumer Affairs.Once the amount of capital, both at the beginning and at the end is computed with the help of statement of affairs, a statement of profit and loss is prepared to ascertain the exact amount of profit or loss made during the year.Such a statement is known as statement of affairs, shows assets on one side and the liabilities on the other just as in case of a balance sheet.A statement of affairs is prepared from incomplete records where most of the assets are recorded on the basis of estimates as compared to a balance sheet which is prepared from records maintained on the basis of double entry book-keeping and all assets and liabilities can be verified from the ledger accounts.In other words, he was responsible for managing the political, financial and military affairs of the province of Awadh.In practical life it means absence of interference in our affairs by others – be it other individuals or the government.Banks make detailed investigation of the company's affairs, financial structure etc.The former means remaining aloof from world affairs whereas non-aligned countries such as India played an active role in mediating between the American and Soviet alliances.As the change in the value of money is not reflected in the book of accounts, the accounting data does not reflect the true and fair view of the affairs of an enterprise.In statement of affairs, an item of assets or liabilities may get omitted and this omission may remain unknown because the effect of this omission gets adjusted in the capital account balance and the total of both sides of statement match.

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