Amended example sentences

Why not first record such items in the cash book to work out the adjusted balance (also known as amended balance) of the cash book and then prepare the bank reconciliation statement.In August 2002 he issued a 'Legal Framework Order' that amended the constitution of Pakistan.In October 2006, the government amended the Child Labour Prevention Act, banning children under 14 years of age from working as domestic servants or as workers in dhabas, restaurants, tea shops etc.In section 3, the closed economy income-expenditure model is amended to include international effects.In India, a working knowledge of Companies Act 1956; Industries (Development and Regulations) Act 1951; Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Imports and Exports (Control) Act 1947; Factories Act, 1948; Trade Union Act; 1926; Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923; Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Competition Act, 2002 and host of such other legal enactments as amended from time to time by the Parliament, is important for doing business.The Constitution was amended to prevent elected MLAs and MPs from changing parties.Therefore it needs to be amended quite regularly to keep it updated.

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