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A gigantic nuclear explosion suitably placed, suitably directed and suitably timed could do the trick.The spread of the ideas of romantic nationalism in the Balkans together with the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire made this region very explosive.Whenever semantics of reality require that every entity of an entity type must relate to another entity type, such an entity can exist only if it participates in that specific relationship.When interest rate comes down, more and more people expect it to rise in the future and anticipate capital loss.Seasonal businesses that must build inventories in anticipation of selling requirements often need shortterm financing for the interim period between seasons.But will it achieve the rendezvous in time and at the right place? Will the remote control detonation work? What if the gigantic nuclear pile fails to fire? Duttada could not share his anxieties with anyone around him.An attempt has been made to help the learner develop the skill of predicting and anticipating what follows.When he withdrew them, it bleated frantically and butted him.In regions of folding, anticlines or domes, it occurs where oil is trapped in the crest of the upfold.In case of an unexpected fall in sales, the firm will have unsold stock of goods which it had not anticipated.Semantic barriers are concerned with problems and obstructions in the process of encoding and decoding of message into words or impressions.There are reports, the need for which is not anticipated, the information content of which may be useful but casually required.When the interest rate is very high everyone expects it to fall in future and hence anticipates capital gains from bond-holding.Let us look at Romanticism, a cultural movement which sought to develop a particular form of nationalist sentiment.For example, optimists tend to assume that adversity can be handled successfully whereas pessimists anticipate disasters.

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