Appointment example sentences

These include the appointment of the Chief Justice of India, the Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts of the states, the Governors of the states, the Election Commissioners, ambassadors to other countries, etc.If the fawn was dead, or could not be found, he could not have his disappointment seen.” Gandhi told Shukla he had an appointment in Cawnpore and was also committed to go to other parts of India.All such transactions or happenings which can not be expressed in monetary terms, for example, the appointment of a manager, capabilities of its human resources or creativity of its research department or image of the organisation among people in general do not find a place in the accounting records of a firm.That the Congress leaders would now go back on their promise created great disappointment.When she joined work, she was given an appointment letter stating all the terms and conditions of work.All major appointments are made in the name of the President.(He had been lucky to turn the tap the right way; on later occasions he would sometimes screw it up still tighter, chittering with irritation and disappointment at the tap's failure to cooperate.But such a person has to get elected to one of the Houses of the Parliament within six months of appointment as minister.All citizens have equality of opportunity in matters relating to employment or appointment to any position in the government.That is why important items like the appointment of a new managing director, signing of contracts or changes in personnel are not shown in the books of accounts.After the appointment of the Prime Minister, the President appoints other ministers on the advice of the Prime Minister.For example, the value of human resources, changes in managerial policies or appointment of personnel are important but none of these are recorded in books of account.

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