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The balances are summarised to prepare the trial balance.How does this flow of production arise? People combine their energies with natural and manmade environment within a certain social and technological structure to generate a flow of production.While elaborating the ideas provided in the chapter, the students may need to be familiarised with a few fundamental concepts such as Gross Domestic Product, Employment etc.Since business environment consists of numerous interrelated and dynamic cond-itions or forces which arise from different sources, it becomes difficult to comprehend at once what exactly constitutes a given environment.While Surinder is right in a simple sense, we cannot say that the question of democracy does not arise here.The Receipts and Payments Account is a summarised cash book which records all cash Receipts and cash Payments without distinguishing between capital and revenue items, and between items relating to the current year and those relating to previous or future years.If the two balances differ, the entries in both the books are compared and the items on account of which the difference has arisen are ascertained with the respective amounts involved so that the bank reconciliation statement may be prepared.Revenue reserve is created out of revenue profits, which arise out of the normal operating activities of the business and are otherwise available for dividend distribution.Thus, Receipt and Payment Account gives summarised picture of various receipts and payments, irrespective of whether they pertain to the current period, previous period or succeeding period or whether they are of capital or revenue nature.Old advertisements help us understand how markets for new products were created and new tastes were popularised.The highly poisonous nature of CO arises because of its ability to form a complex with haemoglobin, which is about 300 times more stable than the oxygen-haemoglobin complex.Employee morale, job satisfaction and human behaviour are such areas where this problem might arise.Capital reserves are created out of capital profits which do not arise from the normal operating activities.We may summarise that for any and every phase of growth, differentiation and development of plants, one or the other PGR has some role to play.But women novelists did not simply popularise the domestic role of women.

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