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You must have heard that there are a number of artificial satellites which are orbiting the Earth.Such systems were artificial; they separated the closely related species since they were based on a few characteristics.And huge interest-groups lobby the government for access to these raw materials at artificially low rates.You might wonder how artificial satellites are different from the natural satellites.We managed to survive only because of our superior technology, but we were forced to live underground under artificial conditions.The company being an artificial person created by law continues to exist irrespactive of the changes in its membership.In addition, it does not provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes like stagnant water collected in ponds or artificial lakes.But today, humidity can be created artificially, and raw cotton is a pure and not weight losing raw material, so this industry has spread to other parts of India.According to Chief Justice Marshal, “a company is a person, artificial, invisible, intangible and existing only in the eyes of law.“I just can't come to terms with the artificiality and glamour of the film world,” he says with emphasis.It is an artificial person having or corporate legal entity distinct from its members (shareholders) and has a common seal used for its signa.Artificial satellites have many practical applications.It stimulated renewed interest in Inorganic Chemistry and has carried into the present with the creation of artificially produced short-lived elements.Cities, houses, offices, factories, bridges, shopping malls, railway tracks, roads, dams, and even artificially created parks and ponds are some examples of the built environment which show how human beings have made changes in the environment given by nature.Also, the artificial systems gave equal weightage to vegetative and sexual characteristics; this is not acceptable since we know that often the vegetative characters are more easily affected by environment.

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