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Freud used free association (a method in which a person is asked to openly share all the thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to her/his mind), dream analysis, and analysis of errors to understand the internal functioning of the mind.Some workers formed associations to help members in times of unemployment or financial hardship but such associations were few.Let us look at the history of one dance form, Kathak, now associated with several parts of north India.oluntary Association: persons who are willing to form a company can come together voluntarily for carrying on a business.It also used meyeli, the language associated with women's speech.Like other attitudes, prejudices can also be learned through association, reward and punishment, observing others, group or cultural norms and exposure to information that encourages prejudice.We can measure energy changes associated with chemical or physical processes by an experimental technique called calorimetry.Non-verbal and performance tests help reduce the cultural bias usually associated with verbal tests.In Germany, these associations worked closely with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and helped it win parliamentary seats.In the Telugu-speaking areas of the Madras Presidency, eerasalingam Pantulu formed an association for widow remarriage.The management of a company is vested with the power to reissue the shares once forfeited by it, subject of course, to the terms and conditions in the articles of association relating to the same.Learning can take place by classical conditioning (temporal association in which two events repeatedly occur close together in time), operant conditioning (behaviour is followed by a reward), and social learning (learning by imitating others' behaviour).Extraordinary items are non-recurring in nature and hence cash flows associated with extraordinary items should be classified and disclosed separately as arising from operating, investing or financing activities.It was as if the association with gods gave divine approval to the goods being sold.It is well accepted now that such behaviours are associated with incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD), cancer, and H /AIDS besides many other diseases.

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