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This is an important assumption of accounting as it provides the very basis for showing the value of assets in the balance sheet.The basic assumption of his theory is that personality consists of competing forces and structures within the individual (that must be balanced) rather than between the individual and the demands of society, or between the individual and reality.These rules are called by different names such as principles, concepts, conventions, postulates, assumptions and modifying principles.The accounting treatment in the books of receiver under all the four alternatives is given below under the assumption that the bill is duly honoured on maturity by the acceptor.One aspect common to all the applied areas within psychology is a universal agreement on the basic assumptions about human nature and the role of a psychologist in different settings.This is a stylisation typical of almost any theoretical exercise and is called the assumption of ceteris paribus, which literally means 'other things remaining equal'.His basic assumption is that human behaviour is purposeful and goaldirected.It is based on the assumption that socially accepted behaviour is not abnormal, and that normality is nothing more than conformity to social norms.Actually, the guest suffers due to these unclarified assumptions.Dissociative fugue has, as its essential feature, an unexpected travel away from home and workplace, the assumption of a new identity, and the inability to recall the previous identity.In case the continuity assumption is not there, the whole cost (Rs.The assumption regarding continuity of business allows us to charge from the revenues of a period only that part of the asset which has been consumed or used to earn that revenue in that period and carry forward the remaining amount to the next years, over the estimated life of the asset.Its Field size is set to 10 on the assumption that first name of every employee can be completely accommodated within this field size.Financial statements are prepared on certain basic assumptions (pre-requisites) known as postulates such as going concern postulate, money measurement postulate, realisation postulate, etc.We have to proceed on the assumption that Comet Dutta will collide with the Earth.

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