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Financial statements are prepared on certain basic assumptions (pre-requisites) known as postulates such as going concern postulate, money measurement postulate, realisation postulate, etc.Rogers makes two basic assumptions about human behaviour.The term concept refers to the necessary assumptions and ideas which are fundamental to accounting practice, and the term convention connotes customs or traditions as a guide to the preparation of accounting statements.These rules are called by different names such as principles, concepts, conventions, postulates, assumptions and modifying principles.People may hold assumptions and attitudes about themselves that are irrational and inaccurate.From the practicability view point, it is observed that the various terms such as principles, postulates, conventions, modifying principles, assumptions, etc.Actually, the guest suffers due to these unclarified assumptions.Some communications may have certain assumptions which are subject to different interpretations.One aspect common to all the applied areas within psychology is a universal agreement on the basic assumptions about human nature and the role of a psychologist in different settings.

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