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The loaves were bought by some Paskine or Bastine, the maid-servant of the house! What we longed for were those bread-bangles which we chose carefully.Number of poors in China has come down from 606 million in 1981 to 212 million in 200 In the countries of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan) the decline has not been as rapid.In this case the elder is an impoverished bangle maker.He has a roof over his head! The cry of not having money to do anything except carry on the business of making bangles, not even enough to eat, rings in every home.As her hands move mechanically like the tongs of a machine, I wonder if she knows the sanctity of the bangles she helps make.And in dark hutments, next to lines of flames of flickering oil lamps, sit boys and girls with their fathers and mothers, welding pieces of coloured glass into circles of bangles.It will dawn on her suddenly one day when her head is draped with a red veil, her hands dyed red with henna, and red bangles rolled onto her wrists.Brahmaputra is known as the Tsang Po in Tibet and Jamuna in Bangladesh.However, Bangalore has always had a unique advantage, as a city with highest availability of middle and top management talent.The mainstream, flows southwards into Bangladesh and is joined by the Brahmaputra.Manchanda's son who has just returned after an MBA in USA suggests that they should set up a fully owned factory in Bangkok for supplying to customers in South-East Asia and Middle East.According to their age alluvial soils can be classified as old alluvial (Bangar) and new alluvial (Khadar).All he has managed to do is teach them what he knows — the art of making bangles.“It is his karam, his destiny,” says Mukesh's grandmother, who has watched her own husband go blind with the dust from polishing the glass of bangles.This facility is similar to the idea of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

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