Bile example sentences

Pancreatic juice and bile are released through the hepato-pancreatic duct.You know that petrol is used as a fuel in light automobiles such as motor cycles/ scooters and cars.Some of your friends come to you with a letter of protest against a rule that has been recently announced, i.e. banning use of mobile phones in the school.Hydrocarbons are composed of hydrogen and carbon only and are formed by incomplete combustion of fuel used in automobiles.The bile released into the duodenum contains bile pigments (bilirubin and bili-verdin), bile salts, cholesterol and phospholipids but no enzymes.One of the simple things which we can do to reduce global warming is to minimise the use of automobiles.The main components of the photochemical smog result from the action of sunlight on unsaturated hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides produced by automobiles and factories.These shops deal in secondhand or used goods, like books, clothes, automobiles, furniture and other household goods.Moreover, globalisation has enabled some large Indian companies to emerge as multinationals themselves! Tata Motors (automobiles), Infosys (IT), Ranbaxy (medicines), Asian Paints (paints), Sundaram Fasteners (nuts and bolts) are some Indian companies which are spreading their operations worldwide.We may note here that some commodities like television sets, automobiles or home computers, although they are for ultimate consumption, have one characteristic in common with capital goods – they are also durable.Groups of highly mobile, peasantpastoralists (kunbis) provided the backbone of the Maratha army.Petrol and CNG operated automobiles cause less pollution.Automobiles need fuels like petrol, diesel and CNG.So from the smallest items like pins or buttons to the largest ones like aeroplanes, automobiles, giant machinery or any saleable service like that of the doctor, the lawyer or the financial consultant – the goods and services produced are to be sold to the consumers.In addition to the above mentioned gases, automobiles which burn diesel and petrol, also produce tiny particles which remain suspended in air for long periods (Figureure 1 3).

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