Bounce example sentences

There was one boy named Bounce, Willie Bounce, and people thought that was funny, but not funny in the same way that Petronski was.It has been described as the capacity to 'bounce back' in the face of stress and adversity.Examples of such deductions include: cheque collection charges, incidental charges, interest on overdraft, unpaid cheques deducted by the bank – i.e. stopped or bounced, etc.I watched dumbstruck as a hundred carefully sorted documents came raining down in a fluttery cascade, coins bounced to a variety of noisy oblivions and the now-lidless tin of tobacco rolled crazily across the concourse disgorging its contents as it went.On the other hand, although their inexperience and lack of selfsufficiency make them easily upset by problems that seem minor to an adult, children typically bounce back more quickly.

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