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By the beginning of the nineteenth century, men like Thomas Arnold, headmaster of the famous Rugby School and founder of the modern public school system, saw team sport like cricket and rugby not just as outdoor play, but as an organised way of teaching English boys the discipline, the importance of hierarchy, the skills, the codes of honour and the leadership qualities that helped them build and run the British empire.3 I should, however, be exceedingly surprised and even painfully surprised, if I were told that before cricket and football descended upon your sacred soil, your boys were devoid of all games.Young boys like the son of the priest now wore shoes.Boys are four times more likely to be given this diagnosis than girls.The girls' school was designed very differently from the boys' school.I had not been there long when in came a big bruiser of a boy, probably eighteen years old.She was thinking about the old schools they had when her grandfather s grandfather was a little boy.It reveals how as a young boy William Douglas nearly drowned in a swimming pool.For girls, this contest consisted of designing dresses and for boys, of designing motorboats.The fact that they are discarded shoes of some rich boy, who perhaps refused to wear them because of a hole in one of them, does not bother him.Boys are usually given cars to play with and girls dolls.A mother and her little boy, as we said earlier, sat at the door of their cottage, gazing at the Great Stone Face and talking about it.Why are girls then given dolls and boys cars? Toys become a way of telling children that they will have different futures when they become men and women.He wasn t exactly a boy ; he was in his early forties, having entered the studios years ago in the hope of becoming a star actor or a top screen writer, director or lyrics writer.British schoolboys expressed their preference for paintings by two artists — assily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.

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