Button example sentences

If it is not, click at the Field List button on the tool bar.There are five command buttons especially designed for possible operations pertaining to other application programs.Al the voter has to do is to press the button against the name of the candidate she wants to give her vote.Run query command button is meant to execute an existing query.Select Reports from objects list given in LHS of Database window and click at New object button of tool bar.First button when clicked adds a Record while a click action on the second button results in undoing the record.In case of voucher, choose all the fields by clicking at >> button.He pointed to an impressive panel with several coloured buttons on it.This results in pasting an operational button on the Form with the capability to add a new record.So from the smallest items like pins or buttons to the largest ones like aeroplanes, automobiles, giant machinery or any saleable service like that of the doctor, the lawyer or the financial consultant – the goods and services produced are to be sold to the consumers.An additional Command button with Caption Close Form can be added by choosing Form Operation as category with Close Form as the action.Control, when applied to Option button, allows the designer to select a particular option from out of a set of mutually exclusive options.If there are multiple conditions for formatting, Add button can be clicked to call for additional formatting conditions.The third command button is meant to delete a record and the fourth button when clicked saves the record to back-end database tables while in this case it is ouchers table as already described.Click at Command button in Tool Box and carry the mouse pointer to Area at the bottom of Left most bottom corner of the oucher Form.

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