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For example, if purchases book has been overcast by Rs.Our own society has witnessed many deplorable instances of discrimination, with and without prejudice, based on gender, religion, community, caste, physical handicap, and illnesses such as AIDS.The belief that social privileges came from birth in a “noble” family or a “high” caste was the subject of many learned texts.In a SC reserved constituency only someone who belongs to the Scheduled Castes can stand for election.Flexible budgets should be prepared which can be adopted if forecasts about future turn out to be different, especially in the face of changing environmental forces.Rathnam argued that given that not a single Dalit had ever entered the temple, how could the deity be angry with them? The powerful castes decided to teach Rathnam a lesson.Where did this labour come from? The poor from the villages and small towns, many of them from low castes, began moving to the cities where there was a new demand for labour.Rathnam sought the support of law, filing his complaint under the above Act to protest against the domination and violence of the powerful castes in his village.A second feature of the Constitution was that it guaranteed equality before the law to all citizens, regardless of their caste or religious affiliation.Significant size of deposits of coal in the Transantarctic Mountains and iron near the Prince Charles Mountains of East Antarctica is forecasted.No parliamentary constituency in the country has a clear majority of one single caste.Thus, family, caste, and religion are primary groups whereas membership of a political party is an example of a secondary group.Thus, caste plays different kinds of roles in politics.Politics too influences the caste system and caste identities by bringing them into the political arena.Such information was useful for them in governing Indian society, with its large variety of communities and castes.

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