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But it may be noted that in the case of the cash book, there will always be debit balance because cash payments can never exceed cash receipts and cash in hand at the beginning of the period.However, single entry system is a misnomer because there is no such system of maintaining accounting records.Hence, though several factors interact and simultaneously affect photosynthesis or CO2 fixation, usually one factor is the major cause or is the one that limits the rate.It states that a change in any of the factors that determine the equilibrium conditions of a system will cause the system to change in such a manner so as to reduce or to counteract the effect of the change.committed by the bank while posting entries in the passbook also cause differences between passbook and cash book balance.Sometimes people may continue to hold stereotypes because they think that, after all, there must be some truth, or 'kernel of truth' in what everyone says about the other group.Awareness of the ethical standards and codes is extremely important, because counselling is a part of the service sector.Classifications are useful because they enable users like psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to communicate with each other about the disorder and help in understanding the causes of psychological disorders and the processes involved in their development and maintenance.In the late nineteenth century, many Indian institutions and movements were organised around the idea of religious community because the colonial state encouraged these divisions and was quick to recognise communal institutions.Human causes include such unexpected events like dishonesty, carelessness or negligence of employees, stoppage of work due to power failure, strikes, riots, management inefficiency, etc.I wanted to ignore the phone, not only because the spaghetti was nearly done, but because Claudio Abbado was bringing the London Symphony to its musical climax.Do we define something as classical if it deals with a religious theme? Or do we consider it classical because it appears to require a great deal of skill acquired through long years of training? Or is it classical because it is performed according to rules that are laid down, and variations are not encouraged? These are questions we need to think about.Why did the people go to the consumer court in these cases? These verdicts came about because some people persisted and struggled to get justice.However, sometimes more intelligent persons change their attitudes more willingly than less intelligent ones, because they base their attitude on more information and thinking.In Indian society, medical advice by or for a female is often delayed because of various reasons — they are less valued, or because of the belief that they are hardy, or the shame associated with the disease.

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