Children example sentences

Research literature suggests that children begin to develop their imagination during the early years of childhood but they express creativity mostly through physical activities and in non-verbal ways.For example, shops selling children's garments, men's wear, ladies shoes, toys and gifts, school uniforms, college books or consumer electronic goods, etc.About 70 per cent of children with autism are also mentally retarded.” Prof Ahmad asked children to pick up leaves from the forest floor and observe them under a hand lens.The smog causes breathing difficulties such as asthma, cough and wheezing in children.Prashant's group believed orphans should be resettled in their own community itself, possibly in new foster families made up of childless widows and children without adult care.He told the children that the wheat would fetch a good price in the mandi from where it would be taken to factories to make bread and biscuits from flour.Suppose you want to teach children in a slum area who are unable to go to school.If the viewers were children, they tended to imitate what they saw; they were not mature enough to think of the consequences of such behaviour.The children may know what a robot is, and be able to guess what a robotic teacher would be.The children started playing while Prof Ahmad sat on a bench in the corner.They live in large houses and dine in expensive restaurants, send their children to expensive private schools and take expensive foreign holidays.The other children often made fun of her and mimicked her.He himself loved to play cricket, and so he organised cricket matches for children.Conduct a survey of households in your neighbourhood and among friends to find out how many children are suffering from respiratory problems.

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