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We use different criterion to choose a sports team, a debate team, a music team or a team to organise a picnic.The Report wizard allows a designer to choose the fields from multiple tables along with specification for grouping, sorting and formatting of information content in report.Each one of us has the capacity to choose and create.Choose Sno, Code from ouchersDetail table; Name from Accounts table; again Amount, narration and no from ouchersDetail table.But can we call this place a democracy? How do we find out if the people like their representatives or not? How do we ensure that these representatives rule as per the wishes of the people? How to make sure that those who the people don't like do not remain their representatives? This requires a mechanism by which people can choose their representatives at regular intervals and change them if they wish to do so.and another to choose the table or query where object s data comes from (also called record source).In a democracy, we are most concerned with ensuring that people will have the right to choose their rulers and people will have control over the rulers.Report wizard prompts the designer to choose a particular style of report from among six styles: bold, casual, compact, corporate, formal and soft-gray.Either choose one of the key attributes of such an entity as the primary key for this relation, or choose a set of simple attributes that uniquely identify this entity as the primary key of the relation so created.Access responds by invoking List Box Wizard, which provides for three options to choose the look up values.You might think that this is possible in an absolute monarchy but not in countries which choose their rulers.For example, if you find a child who does not like orders, the most effective way to deal with that child will be not to give orders, but to present a set of acceptable alternatives from which the child may choose.What do we understand from this incident? Any consumer who receives a service in whatever capacity, regardless of age, gender and nature of service, has the right to choose whether to continue to receive the service.Choose existing Tables/Queries, followed by click at Next button.If you are to solve a quadratic equation choose the mathematical solution that makes chemical sense.

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