Conceal example sentences

It should not be too big so as not to be read at all or too small so as to conceal certain vital information of importance that is expected to facilitate decision-making.For quite a while Evelyn managed to conceal her growing deafness from friends and teachers.It also stores all ideas and wishes that are concealed from conscious awareness, perhaps, because they lead to psychological conflicts.Perhaps that s what makes the mist so melancholy; not only does it conceal the hills, it blankets them in silence too.No matter how leafy the trees, these brightly coloured birds cannot conceal themselves, although, by remaining absolutely silent, they sometimes contrive to go unnoticed.But errors should never be corrected by erasing or overwriting reduces the authenticity of accounting records and give an impression that something is being concealed.They felt that this discovery was very useful because it could be used for identifying the positive terminal of a cell or a battery concealed in a box.

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