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As per the accounting concept of income, income (profit) is excess of realised revenues over related expired cost of the period and loss is known as excess of expired cost of a period over related realised revenues of the period.One important question that psychologists are interested in answering is : how are attitudes formed? Like many other thoughts and concepts that develop and become part of our cognitive system, attitudes towards different topics, things and people also are formed as we interact with others.However this concept can be easily comprehended by performing the following activity.At an even more specific level, one may have a positive self-concept about one's reading ability but a negative one about one's mathematical skills.Apart from some of the products mentioned here, the latest area in which this concept is getting popular in many parts of our country (particularly in the urban areas) is the case of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the banking service.There is a lack of standardised definitions of various concepts used in ratio analysis.Arrhenius concept of acids and bases becomes useful in case of ionization of acids and bases as mostly ionizations in chemical and biological systems occur in aqueous medium.Although it is considered to be a substitute for the Trading and Profit and Loss Account of a profit-seeking entity, there are certain conceptual differences between the two statements.The concept of sustainable development encourages forms of growth that meet current basic human needs, while preserving the resources for the needs of future generations.In this chapter, you have learnt about the basic concepts of attitudes and social cognition, and got a glimpse of some forms of social behaviour.As discussed in the preceding section, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the form of Basic Accounting Concept have been accepted by the accounting profession to achieve uniformity and comparability in the financial statement.have been used inter-changeably and are referred to as Basic Accounting Concepts in the present chapter.When social conditions are positive, the self-concept and self-esteem are high.Is such a conception true? History is certainly about changes that occur over time.The notion of emotional intelligence broadens the concept of intelligence beyond the intellectual sphere/domain and considers that intelligence includes emotions.

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