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What is the secret behind the efficiency with which their business is conducted? The story of the dabbawallas begins in the kitchens of Mumbai.This water is thus a good conductor of electricity.Thus, motion of electrons through a conductor is retarded by its resistance.On a weight-to-weight basis, the electrical conductivity of aluminium is twice that of copper.When the cell is connected to a conducting circuit element, the potential difference sets the charges in motion in the conductor and produces an electric current.Professional association: All professions are affiliated to a professional association which regulates entry, grants certificate of practice and formulates and enforces a code of conduct.Do you recall how the tester helped us in deciding that? We found that metals such as copper and aluminium conduct electricity whereas materials such as rubber, plastic and wood do not conduct electricity.Each society has norms, which are stated or unstated rules for proper conduct.ideocon Industries, Lyka Labs, Indian Overseas Bank, Jubilant Organosys, Maharashtra Seamless, Moschip Semiconductors, and Crew BOS are planning GDR issues.In the days when Americans were said to be prejudiced against the Chinese, Richard LaPiere, an American social psychologist, conducted the following study.Business enterprises need managers to conduct and coordinate business activity.It implements the Code of Conduct and punishes any candidate or party that violates it.Are they independent of the government? Or can the government or the ruling party influence or pressurise them? Do they have enough powers to be able to conduct free and fair elections? Do they actually use these powers? The answer to all these questions is quite positive for our country.It is to be kept in mind that conducting and managing international business is not an easy venture.We have tested the conduction of electricity through tap water.

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