Considerable example sentences

The departmental stores are in a position to spend considerable amount of money on advertising and other promotional activities, which help in boosting their sales.You may have to spend considerable time and resources looking for people with a demand for rice when you wish to exchange your stock for buying other commodities.His concept of identity crisis of adolescent age has drawn considerable attention.There was considerable conflict between these states.Considerable social change took place in the subcontinent during the period we have been examining.From the above discussion, we can see that there continues to be considerable underemployment in agriculture.And in rural areas, where water supply systems have not been installed, people are forced to spend considerable amounts of time in fetching water from faraway sources.These thousand years of Indian history witnessed considerable change.The sexual reproduction shows considerable variation in the type and formation of sex cells and it may be isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.Almost all annual company reports presented by their chairpersons devote considerable attention to the general economic environment prevailing in the country and an assessment of its impact on their companies.The formation of a regional state in eighteenthcentury Bengal therefore led to considerable change amongst the zamindars.Besides, I came from a particularly well-to-do family, so I enjoyed considerable prestige.In exchange, they were permitted to enjoy considerable autonomy in their watan jagirs.During the week the two had developed considerable affinity for each other.Contrary to this, if anyone who takes a vocation for which s/he is well adapted, there will be considerable satisfaction in doing the job well.

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