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With the new Constitution, he said, India was going to enter into a life of contradictions.Thus, the right to health, the right to shelter etc, are issues that were not present in written form in the Constitution that members of the Constituent Assembly had presented in 194 But they were present in spirit, i.e. the democratic ideals that the Constitution established allowed for persons to use the political process to continually ensure that these ideals became a reality in the lives of ordinary citizens.Together with the Social Democrats and Socialist Revolutionaries, they worked with peasants and workers during the revolution of 1905 to demand a constitution.This is an unusual achievement for any constitution.The Constitution mentions three specific evils and declares these illegal.Thus, by granting different forms of cultural rights, the Constitution tries to ensure cultural justice to such groups.The Constitution makers, however, were worried that in an open electoral competition, certain weaker sections may not stand a good chance to get elected to the Lok Sabha and the state Legislative Assemblies.This might appear very obvious, but it was necessary to incorporate these rights in the Constitution of our country where the traditional caste system did not allow people from some communities to access all public places.Our Constitution does give the Rajya Sabha some special powers over the states.The Supreme Court and the High Courts have the power to interpret the Constitution of the country.All these factors contributed to the making of our Constitution.Typically, each such body will have one or more public goals to pursue as defined by law or the Constitution of India itself.The second reason for accepting the Constitution is that the Constituent Assembly represented the people of India.The Right to Life that the Constitution guarantees is for all persons living in this country.As you know, the Indian Constitution recognises the equality of all persons.

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