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How is control and coordination achieved in such situations? Let us consider this further.The council is an apex body for controlling the activities related to quality control and pre-shipment inspection of commodities meant for export.The input mask property affects the format used for data entry into the control as opposed to its appearance, which is affected by Format and Decimal places property.Today, dams are built not just for irrigation but for electricity generation, water supply for domestic and industrial uses, flood control, recreation, inland navigation and fish breeding.Whenever, the Type field is assigned 0 value, a text control for title displays Debit oucher and when the value of Type is set to 1, the Credit oucher is displayed by the this Text control.New trade routes emerged within the areas controlled by the Marathas.Also, Parakh Foods had four oil refineries, whose control has now shifted to Cargill.Planning is clearly a prerequisite for controlling.If we think a bit more about this, it becomes apparent that all this movement, in response to the environment, is carefully controlled.Many of the extrinsic factors such as temperature and light, control plant growth and development via PGR.Remember that plants have hormones that control their directional growth.Most smaller rulers and chieftains controlled different territories on behalf of the Mughal ruler.Apart from the few popular tests which use self-report technique which have been described above, there are several others that try to assess specific dimensions of personality (e.g., authoritarianism, locus of control, optimism, etc.Text box is the default display control of look up.Struggling to retain its control over India, the British government had to concede many of these demands in the last decades of colonial rule.

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