Cow example sentences

The crofter was in a hurry to milk his cow, and the other man probably thought he should not stay in bed when the head of the house had gotten up.Now that he was no longer able to do day labour, it was his cow which supported him.' 'Moscow appears much less clean than the other European capitals.These men performed the new drill for some time until a report got about by some means or the other, that the cartridges used for these new rifles were greased with the fat of cows and pigs.A few rows of one crop alternate with a few rows of a second crop, for example, soyabean + maize, or finger millet (bajra) + cowpea (lobia).Prominent industrial areas were St Petersburg and Moscow.Cows are of different colours, but the colour of their milk is the same.Here they pastured their cows and grazed their sheep, collected fuelwood for fire and berries and fruit for food.It improves the quality of manure and also prevents the loss of trees and manure due to burning of fuel wood and cow dung cakes.A young cow, tail high in the air, was running very fast, right in the middle of the road, right in front of the bus.Few Englishmen had cared Oh, proud Brahmin soldiers, do you know that the grease on the bullet you have to bite is made from the fat of cows and pigs? to understand Indian customs or the people's mind.There was heavy figurehting – especially in Moscow – but by December, the Bolsheviks controlled the Moscow-Petrograd area.Proper cleaning and shelter facilities for cows and buffaloes are required for humane farming, for the health of the animals and for production of clean milk as well.But suddenly she saw a young cow lying dead by the roadside, just where it had been struck by some fast-moving vehicle.In the evening it attacked one of Bijju s cows but fled at the approach of Bijju s mother, who came screaming imprecations.

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