Cry example sentences

You could see that he, too, was crying; his voice trembled with emotion, and it was so funny to hear him that we all wanted to laugh and cry.Red soil develops on crystalline igneous rocks in areas of low rainfall in the eastern and southern parts of the Deccan plateau.When he had finished, the Princess was not crying any more and she quite forgot that she had had no supper.For this discovery they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 199 It has a crystalline lattice.The materials of rocks chemically alter and recrystallise due to thermal metamorphism.Fill nearly half of the measuring cylinder-1 with coloured water (for this purpose add a crystal of potassium permanganate to water) and keep second cylinder (number 2) empty.Diamond and graphite are two well-known crystalline forms of carbon.Then she began to cry and tears flowed from her eyes in a helpless flood.The little bird said nothing at all while they were there, but as soon as they were gone he began to cry again: “Let me out, let me out.The level of understanding of receiver should be crystal clear to the communicator.Carbon exhibits many allotropic forms; both crystalline as well as amorphous.This pattern came from very small carbon crystals embedded in the iron.When an ionic compound dissolves in a solvent, the ions leave their ordered positions on the crystal lattice.Metamorphism is a process by which already consolidated rocks undergo recrystallisation and reorganisation of materials within original rocks.In reality, therefore, it seems that it is only people with money who have the right to water – a far cry from the goal of universal access to 'sufficient and safe' water.

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