Cultivated example sentences

While the English cultivated a taste for Chinese tea, the Chinese became addicted to opium.Due to its high fertility, regions of alluvial soils are intensively cultivated and densely populated.When plants of the same kind are grown and cultivated at one place on a large scale, it is called a crop.Citrus fruits such as oranges, figures, olives and grapes are commonly cultivated here because people have removed the natural vegetation in order to cultivate what they want to.Therefore, in order to maintain the fertility of the soil, we have to substitute fertilisers by organic manure or leave the field uncultivated (fallow) in between two crops.The availability of moisture and irrigation facilities decide the choice of the crop to be cultivated after one harvest.To colonial officials all uncultivated land appeared to be unproductive: it produced neither revenue nor agricultural produce.Peasants cultivated on strips of land around the village they lived in.Weeds are unwanted plants in the cultivated field, for example, anthium.How? First, the colonial state wanted to transform all grazing lands into cultivated farms.As a result, by mid-1970s the entire cultivated area of 200 hectares (ha.By these Rules uncultivated lands were taken over and given to select individuals.As cultivation expanded, pasturelands were turned into cultivated fields.Hence, these lands are cultivated once or twice in about two to three years and if these are included in the net sown area then the percentage of NSA in India comes to about 54 per cent of the total reporting area.With the help of his three sons Gobind cultivated the land.

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