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The design of a report is saved in Access as report object by assigning a particular name.Report wizard prompts the designer to choose a particular style of report from among six styles: bold, casual, compact, corporate, formal and soft-gray.After selecting Reports object, double click Create report in Design view.This option is useful in designing a common oucher Form for Debit and Credit oucher for compound transactions.Access offers a great flexibility in designing and generating customised reports.This is designed to allow us to control and keep track of all movements of matter and energy in or out of the system.It will be in the fitness of things if the firms interested in exporting to these countries produce less expensive products for the consumers in the African and Asian regions, and design and develop high quality products for consumers in Japan and most of the European and North American countries.The design of the body is carefully maintained even during the growth of children.are obtained in a pre-designed format by accessing the transformed data.A change in the size of text control, however, does not result in changing the size of its underlying field because the size of the field is specified in table s design and can be changed only by modifying the properties of the field in table design.Later he changed his designation to President and in 2002 held a referendum in the country that granted him a fiveyear extension.When Suhasini discovered that her team of designers had produced bedcovers that were more expensive than they had planned to sell, she decided to change the fabric to keep costs in check.The name SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which was originally called SEQUEL (Structured English QUEry Language), designed and implemented at IBM Research as an interface for experimental relational database system called SYSTEM-R.ntelligence is assessed with the help of specially designed tests.Two list controls appear in the dialog box : one provides for various options to create a Form such as Design view, Form Wizard, Auto Form; etc.

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