Deter example sentences

It determines whether women can work outside the house and what kind of jobs and careers they can have.So he did, and did he ever! Beginning in kindergarten, Ebright collected butterflies with the same determination that has marked all his activities.The relative strength of the id, ego and superego determines each person's stability.This problem is overcome by using another class of compounds called detergents as cleansing agents.This two-level appraisal process determines not only our cognitive and behavioural responses but also our emotional and physiological responses to external events.Researchers have reported that the psychological appraisal of events is important for the determination of stress.Locked property determines whether the data in the control can be modified or not.They illustrate some of the conditions that determine the extent of conformity, and also methods that may be adopted for the study of conformity in groups.ulnerability is determined by the options available to different communities for finding an alternative living in terms of assets, education, health and job opportunities.These properties determine how far the text appears from top, left, right and bottom of a control.An asset deteriorates simply with the passage of time, even though they are not being put to any use.Solvency ratios are calculated to determine the ability of the business to service its debt in the long run instead of in the short run.Can you list out the different ways in which Mamba's and Peter's family use their land? The use of land is determined by physical factors such as topography, soil, climate, minerals and availability of water.Controlling also ensures that an organisation's resources are being used effectively and efficiently for the achievement of predetermined goals.Three characteristics of noise have been found to determine its effect on task performance, namely, intensity, predictability, and controllability of noise.

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