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When individuals see that such behaviour is shown by others, is expected and socially approved, they may ultimately develop a positive attitude towards such behaviour and the associated feelings of devotion.Others felt attracted to the idea of a Supreme God who could deliver humans from such bondage if approached with devotion (or bhakti).Also contemporary was Shankaradeva of Assam (late fifteenth century) who emphasised devotion to ishnu, and composed poems and plays in Assamese.Their criticism of conventional religion created the ground for devotional religion to become a popular force in northern India.Such intense devotion or love of God is the legacy of various kinds of bhakti and Sufi movements that have evolved since the eighth century.In this essay Renan criticises the notion suggested by others that a nation is formed by a common language, race, religion, or territory: 'A nation is the culmination of a long past of endeavours, sacrifice and devotion.Rulers built temples to demonstrate their devotion to various deities.His compositions, compiled in the Sursagara, Surasaravali and Sahitya Lahari, express his devotion.According to him the best means of attaining salvation was through intense devotion to ishnu.Tulsidas's composition, the Ramcharitmanas, written in Awadhi (a language used in eastern Uttar Pradesh), is important both as an expression of his devotion and as a literary work.She was devoted to Krishna and composed innumerable bhajans expressing her intense devotion.Kabir believed in a formless Supreme God and preached that the only path to salvation was through bhakti or devotion.They rejected outward religiosity and emphasised love and devotion to God and compassion towards all fellow human beings.

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