Direction example sentences

He summoned all his strength, got up, and staggered in the direction of the sound.When pasturelands in one place was closed to them, they changed the direction of their movement, reduced the size of the herd, combined pastoral activity with other forms of income and adapted to the changes in the modern world.It may be represented by H2O (l) ƒ H2O (vap) The double half arrows indicate that the processes in both the directions are going on simultaneously.The equilibrium can be shifted in the opposite direction by adding reagents that remove Fe3+ or SCN– ions.Extend this imaginary line towards the north direction.If we start with equal initial concentration of H2 and I2, the reaction proceeds in the forward direction and the concentration of H2 and I2 decreases while that of HI increases, until all of these become constant at equilibrium (Figureure 5).The concentration stress of a removed reactant/product is relieved by net reaction in the direction that replenishes the removed substance.Bloated animal carcasses and human corpses floated in every direction.Motivation and leadership are two key components of direction.He wondered for an instant if he had mistaken his direction.Consider a situation in which an object is being displaced by the action of forces and we identify one of the forces, F acting opposite to the direction of the displacement s, that is, the angle between the two directions is 180º.Those who are outstanding in their creativity may give an indication about the direction in which their creativity lies through their self-chosen activities.Chlorine free radical attacks the methane molecule and takes the reaction in the forward direction by breaking the C-H bond to generate methyl free radical with the formation of H-Cl.The direction of reaction can be predicted by reaction quotient Qc which is equal to Kc at equilibrium.On the other hand, the directional movement of a seedling is caused by growth.

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