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However, down the group, due to poor shielding effect of intervening d and f orbitals, the increased effective nuclear charge holds ns electrons tightly (responsible for inter pair effect) and thereby, restricting their participation in bonding.It often happens that shareholders do not pay the call amount when it becomes due.Speculative risks arise due to changes in market conditions including fluctuations in demand and supply, changes in prices or changes in fashion and tastes of customers.A chromatographic separation of the leaf pigments shows that the colour that we see in leaves is not due to a single pigment but due to four pigments: Chlorophyll a (bright or blue green in the chromatogram), chlorophyll b (yellow green), xanthophylls (yellow) and carotenoids (yellow to yellow-orange).2 M iron( I) nitrate solution due to the formation of [Fe(SCN)]2+.Electron distribution of the sigma molecular orbital is symmetrical around the internuclear axis of the C–C bond which is not disturbed due to rotation about its axis.Life of people is undergoing change due to modernisation.In those regions of Europe where the aristocracy still enjoyed power, peasants struggled under the burden of feudal dues and obligations.Paheli wondered, why the village sky was so different from the night sky in big cities? Her grandfather explained that due to bright light, smoke and dust, sky in big cities is rarely clear.The stock eased after 2002 03 due to relief opertations undertaken by the goverment as the year was declared as drought year due to failure of monsoon.Due to recession in the domestic market, he foresees prospects of his sales going up in the next few years in the domestic market.For example, methylamine, codeine, quinine and nicotine all behave as very weak bases due to their very small Kb.This is due to the reason that a predetermined percentage is applied to a gradually shrinking balance on the asset account every year.Post-independence, in view of the prevailing Bretton Woods system, the Indian rupee was pegged to the pound sterling due to its historic links with Britain.Biotic and abiotic resistance: Crops production can go down due to biotic (diseases, insects and nematodes) and abiotic (drought, salinity, water logging, heat, cold and frost) stresses under different situations.

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