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On the other hand, the per capita income of Punjab is much more than Kerala as shown in Table Just think of how dear you are to your parents, think of how every one is so happy when a child is born.While, preparing profit and loss account the revenue is included in the sales of the year in which the sale was undertaken even though the sale price may be received over a number of years.The rear carbon atom (the carbon atom away from the eye) is represented by a circle and the three hydrogen atoms are shown attached to it by the shorter lines drawn at an angle of 120° to each other.This is due to the fact that terms and conditions of the relationships between debtor and creditor such as amount required to be paid; date of payment; interest to be paid, if any, place of payment are clearly mentioned in the bill of exchange.Did you also know that it has been a capital for more than a 1,000 years, although with some gaps? As many as 14 capital cities were founded in a small area of about 60 square miles on the left bank of the river Jamuna.Business refers to those economic activities, which are connected with the production or purchase and sale of goods or supply of services with the main object of earning profit.Notice that the ratio of nominal GDP to real GDP gives us an idea of how the prices have moved from the base year (the year whose prices are being used to calculate the real GDP) to the current year.When Spanish explorers discovered Amazon river, they were attacked by a group of local tribes wearing headgears and grass skirts.Every year, thousands of people suffer and die because they do not get safe drinking water.Purchase the investments of the equivalent amount at the end of first year and debit it Debenture Redemption Fund Investment (DRFI) Account.Set aside the fixed amount of profit for the last year.However, certain sensations are distinct from seeing or hearing, for example, how do we know that we have eaten enough? The sensation of feeling full is because of a centre associated with hunger, which is in a separate part of the fore-brain.This is called Sinking Fund method according to while the company makes necessary arrangements is sets aside a part of divisible profit every year and invest the same outside the business in marketable securities.Within a few years the British planters abandoned their estates, which reverted to the peasants.The GDP of the country in the year 2001 was 90 × (Rs 9) + 10 × (Rs 20) = Rs 810 + Rs 200 = Rs 1,0 Observe that compared to 2000, the GDP of the country in 2001 was higher by Rs But this has happened when 90 per cent of people of the country have seen a drop in their real income by 10 per cent (from Rs 10 to Rs 9), whereas only 10 per cent have benefited by a rise in their income by 100 per cent (from Rs 10 to Rs 20).

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