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What is the total production and employment in the three sectors in India? Over the years have there been changes similar to the pattern observed for the developed countries? We shall see in the next section.Macroeconomics also tries to analyse how the individual output levels, prices, and employment levels of these different goods gets determined.On the other hand, there may be times when expenditures exceed the available output under conditions of high employment and thus may cause inflation.Moreover, the employment structure is characterised by self-employment in the primary sector.We have also seen what all can be done for increasing employment opportunities in the country.This helped them not only in improving their growth prospects, but also created opportunities for employment of people living in these countries.A remarkable fact about India is that while there has been a change in the share of the three sectors in GDP, a similar shift has not taken place in employment.In USA, from 1929 to 1933, unemployment rate rose from 3 per cent to 25 per cent (unemployment rate may be defined as the number of people who are not working and are looking for jobs divided by the total number of people who are working or looking for jobs).From the above discussion, we can see that there continues to be considerable underemployment in agriculture.Specifically, the models attempt to provide theoretical explanation to questions such as what causes periods of slow growth or recessions in the economy, or increment in the price level, or a rise in unemployment.The employment interview is one which most of you are likely to face.So there is disguised unemployment in the agriculture sector.When farmers have been facing so many problems and land under agriculture is decreasing, can we think of alternative employment opportunities in the agriculture sector? You know that food is a basic need and every citizen of the country should have access to food which provides minimum nutritional level.This law prohibits the employment of manual scavengers as well as the construction of dry latrines.To ensure reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers imposed by different countries; To engage in such activities which improve the standards of living, create employment, increase income and effective demand and facilitate higher production and trade; To facilitate the optimal use of the world's resources for sustainable development; and To promote an integrated, more viable and durable trading system.

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