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Is this the right way to promote democracy? Should a democratic country wage a war and invade other countries for establishing democracy there? Does external help work in every case? Or does it work only when the people of a nation are actively engaged in a struggle to make their societies democratic? Even if external intervention leads to the establishment of democracy in a country, would it last long? Would it enjoy the support of its citizens? Finally, is the use of external force to gift democracy to the people in keeping with the spirit of democracy? Think about these questions in the light of all that you have learnt in this chapter.Such persons are also engaged in the selling of goods.But all the countries of the world are also engaged in external trade.To ensure reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers imposed by different countries; To engage in such activities which improve the standards of living, create employment, increase income and effective demand and facilitate higher production and trade; To facilitate the optimal use of the world's resources for sustainable development; and To promote an integrated, more viable and durable trading system.Alternatively, the country could engage in official reserve transactions, running down its reserves of foreign exchange, in the case of a deficit by selling foreign currency in the foreign exchange market.Weaving, in fact, required the labour of the entire family, with children and women all engaged in different stages of the process.They engage in abstract reasoning, and can manipulate symbols to solve mathematical problems.It may show up in the form of a client taking greater responsibility, developing new insight, learning to engage in different behaviours, and making an effort to develop more effective relationships.The work requires the service of five people but engages eight people.They tend to engage in any activity irrespective of its earning potential.People who are stressed have poor nutritional habits, sleep less and are likely to engage in other health risking behaviours like smoking and alcohol abuse.Prashant engaged, with other volunteers, in helping the widows and children to pick up the broken pieces of their lives.Till the 1970s, consumer organisations were largely engaged in writing articles and holding exhibitions.These industries are engaged in producing goods through processing of raw materials and thus creating form utilities.People engaged in business earn income in the form of profit.

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