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After a failed revolt led by Wolfe Tone and his United Irishmen (1798), Ireland was forcibly incorporated into the United Kingdom in 180 A new 'British nation' was forged through the propagation of a dominant English culture.Few Englishmen had cared Oh, proud Brahmin soldiers, do you know that the grease on the bullet you have to bite is made from the fat of cows and pigs? to understand Indian customs or the people's mind.According to the United States 2000 Census, 667,414 Americans of age five years and older reported Polish as the language spoken at home, which is about 4 per cent of the people who speak languages other than English, or 0.Over the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the English countryside changed dramatically.English and European companies stopped buying Indian goods and their agents no longer gave out advances to weavers to secure supplies.“I wish he was an Englishman,” someone said on the bus.Chandu Menon portrayed Indulekha as a woman of breathtaking beauty, high intellectual abilities, artistic talent, and with an education in English and Sanskrit.All those who conquered Orissa, such as the Mughals, the Marathas and the English East India Company, attempted to gain control over the temple.The English chemist, John Alexander Newlands in 1865 profounded the Law of Octaves.She wrote a satiric fantasy in English called Sultana's Dream (1905) which shows a topsyturvy world in which women take the place of men.Quite a few early novels came out of attempts to translate English novels into Indian languages.Such a situation developed in the northern parts of India in 185 After a hundred years of conquest and administration, the English East India Company faced a massive rebellion that started in May 1857 and threatened the Company's very presence in India.The symbols of the new Britain – the British flag (Union Jack), the national anthem (God Save Our Noble King), the English language – were actively promoted and the older nations survived only as subordinate partners in this union.The English, Dutch and French formed East India Companies in order to expand their commercial activities in the east.The Danish chemist, Johannes Brönsted and the English chemist, Thomas M.

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