Entertain example sentences

As usual, my red tabby cat was lying on top of all my papers, purring loudly and occasionally swatting at my pen for entertainment's sake.Among the various sports such as hockey, football and tennis, cricket appears to be the most appealing national entertainment today.Those were the days when Congress rule meant Prohibition and meeting over a cup of coffee was rather satisfying entertainment.It broadcasts a variety of programmes from entertainment, educational to sports, etc.A wide variety of services are traded internationally and these include: tourism and travel, boarding and lodging (hotel and restaurants), entertainment and recreation, transportation, professional services (such as training, recruitment, consultancy and research), communication (postal, telephone, fax, courier and other audio-visual services), construction and engineering, marketing (e.g., wholesaling, retailing, advertising, marketing research and warehousing), educational and financial services (such as banking and insurance).As elsewhere in the world, in India too, the novel became a popular medium of entertainment among the middle class.This allows us to view news and entertainment channels from other parts of the world.But one day this man had fallen into a line of thought, which really seemed to him entertaining.Picture books, translations from other languages, popular songs sometimes composed on contemporary events, stories in newspapers and magazines – all these offered new forms of entertainment.There were castes of entertainers who performed in different towns and villages for their livelihood.Many critics think that his novel Sewasadan (The Abode of Service), published in 1916, lifted the Hindi novel from the realm of fantasy, moralising and simple entertainment to a serious reflection on the lives of ordinary people and social issues.Mass communication provides entertainment and creates awareness among people about various national programmes and policies.The old merchant elite of Calcutta patronised public forms of entertainment such as kabirlarai (poetry contests), musical soirees and dance performances.

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