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Merchandise exports and imports, also known as trade in goods, include only tangible goods and exclude trade in services.Exclude the capital receipts and capital payments as these are to be shown in the Balance Sheet.It said that well-todo persons among the backward classes should be excluded from getting the benefit of reservation.A typical example is the working of the caste system in India in which people belonging to certain castes are excluded from equal opportunities.While calculating quick assets we exclude the closing stock and prepaid expenses from the current assets.For a long time the publishing market excluded the poor.However, this categorisation is not perfect and a number of deserving poor have been excluded from the BPL category.As per AS-3, investing and financing transactions that do not require the use of cash or cash equivalents should be excluded from a cash flow statement.As per AS 3, cash flows exclude movements between items that constitute cash or cash equivalents because these components are part of the cash management of an enterprise rather than part of its operating, investing of financing activities.Since non-paying users usually cannot be excluded, it becomes difficult or impossible to collect fees for the public good.Investments in shares are excluded from cash equivalents unless they are in substantial cash equivalents.Each caste group tries to become bigger by incorporating within it neighbouring castes or sub-castes which were earlier excluded from it.Exclude the opening and closing balances of cash and bank as they are not an income.Men without property and all women were excluded from political rights.Fungi, and members of the Monera and Protista having cell walls have now been excluded from Plantae though earlier classifications put them in the same kingdom.

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