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These contractors tried to extract as high a tax as they could to recover the money they had paid to the state and earn as much profit as they could within the year.Continued extraction of ores leads to increasing costs as mineral extraction comes from greater depths along with decrease in quality.These include all those activities, which are connected with the extraction and production of natural resources and reproduction and development of living organisms.A good leader can always identify the potential of his employees and motivate them to extract work up to their full potential.Secondary industries are concerned with using the materials which have already been extracted at the primary stage.These compounds were initially extracted from natural substances and it was thought that these carbon compounds or organic compounds could only be formed within a living system.” These are some extracts from the last speech of Salvador Allende (pronounced Ayen-they).Here is an extract from Lin's “Letter of Advice to Queen ictoria” 'All those people in China who sell opium or smoke opium should receive the death penalty.Important extractive industries include farming, mining, lumbering, hunting and fishing operations.Another factor to be considered while we exploit these natural resources is the damage we cause to the environment while these resources are either extracted or used.For example, mining causes pollution because of the large amount of slag which is discarded for every tonne of metal extracted.It needs to be observed that accounting ratios exhibit relationship, if any between accounting numbers extracted from financial statements, they are essentially derived numbers and their efficacy depends a great deal upon the basic numbers from which they are calculated.While extracting the transactions to prepare ledger accounts, the same set of queries need be executed for different account codes.Read the following three extracts from Mahatma Gandhi s writing and contrast them to the ideas on education and sport expressed by Thomas Arnold or Hughes (Source A).This is because a report is an organised set of information, which is extracted on the basis of these retrieval requests.

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