Fancy example sentences

I've taken a fancy to you, but it's just got to be done.Freud stated that abnormal behaviour is a symbolic expression of unconscious mental conflicts that can be generally traced to early childhood or infancy.At that time a new international body – the United Nations – formed in 1945 was in its infancy.This is because although, many children are born, a large percentage of them die in their infancy, relatively few become adults and there are very few old people.Even during infancy and early childhood, they show larger attention span, good recognition memory, preference for novelty, sensitivity to environmental changes, and early appearance of language skills.He only shivered in the cold and became embarrassed when the carters jeered at him for his idleness, his feebleness, and his tattered, fancy overcoat.Besides, he might forget her, or he might take a fancy to somebody else.The second method is a new branch of chemistry, which is in its infancy known as green chemistry.Fancy! For forty years he had been there in the same place, with his garden outside the window and his class in front of him, just like that.

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