Five example sentences

We have already seen in Chapter Five that the judiciary in our country is independent of the government and the parliament.Tuckman suggested that groups pass through five developmental sequences.He had been stroking and slapping Timothy for about five minutes when he found another keeper observing him with some alarm.One of the peculiarities of cricket is that a Test match can go on for five days and still end in a draw.All five members of her family work in the plot throughout the year.We have seen earlier that all ledger accounts are put into five categories namely, assets, liabilities, capital, revenues/gains and expense losses.Five such functions commonly used for aggregate of data items are: COUNT,SUM, MA , MIN and A G.An expectant crowd sitting for the past five hours in a chowk of the town is waiting for its leader to come.He proposed a five-stage theory of personality (also called psychosexual) development.He is old, but I wouldn't take five Squeezers for him.[See the Five year Review of Asian paints (India) Ltd.College students were assigned to groups of five persons and were required to solve puzzles and problems.Over the last five decades India has built up a vast health infrastructure and man power required at primary secondary and tertiary care in Government as well as in the private sector.In1831, Cyrus McCormick invented the first mechanical reaper which could cut in one day as much as five men could cut with cradles and 16 men with sickles.No worship was allowed in the Jama Masjid for five years.

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