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What are the aspects that one looks at in any credit arrangement and how this affects people is the main focus of the second part of the chapter.In election campaigns, political parties try to focus public attention on some big issues.Can we not write about the history of this period in a different way? How do we focus on the activities of different groups and classes in Indian society within the format of this history of Governor-Generals? When we write history, or a story, we divide it into chapters.Recent bad experience with corporate financing has focussed attention towards retail funding of consumer durables.But at the next moment, it seems to be completely withdrawn from it and focused fully on individual self (e.g., our personal needs or goals).Maslow s Theory focuses on the needs as the basis for motivation.Arousal forces you to focus your attention on reading, learning and revising the contents of the chapters.At times, it is in the interest of these businesses to focus on only one side of the story.This property, when set to Yes, deprives a user the facility to edit data, though the focus becomes available.Problem-focused strategies attack the problem itself, with behaviours designed to gain information, to alter the event, and to alter belief and commitments.This chapter tells the story of the crafts and industries of India during British rule by focusing on two industries, namely, textiles and iron and steel.Then we will focus on one historical event in which there was an attempt at a radical transformation of society.An optimal level of arousal focuses our attention to the relevant aspects of a problem.Psychologists have actively explored these issues, and have focused on the causes and consequences of these phenomena.Abnormal Psychology is the area within psychology that is focused on maladaptive behaviour – its causes, consequences, and treatment.

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