Foolish example sentences

“How can she be so foolish?” “She is running a high temperature,”complained Sue.In most melodramas the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated.It is utterly foolish to think that controlling could be accomplished without planning.The 'bakane' (foolish seedling) a disease of rice seedlings, was caused by a fungal pathogen Gibberalla fujikuroi.The king should notice all that was going on, avoid foolish pleasures, and always do whatever seemed necessary at that time.Suri Nambuthiri, the foolish landlord who comes to marry Indulekha, is the focus of much satire in the novel.I told him how he had been an inspiration beyond cliche´ for me, and, surely, for others — did that thought help him? “No,” he said; and I thought how foolish I was to ask.

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