Forbid example sentences

The two girls hurried out of the building, up the street toward Boggins Heights, the part of town that wore such a forbidding air on this kind of a November afternoon, drizzly, damp and dismal.After unloading their oxen, they turn them free to graze as there is enough land here, and no one there to forbid them.Then, evading his watchful mother s eye, Tilloo made his way to the forbidden passage.Let us ask, where is your conscience? I have heard that the smoking of opium is very strictly forbidden by your country; that is because the harm caused by opium is clearly understood.The Scottish Highlanders were forbidden to speak their Gaelic language or wear their national dress, and large numbers were forcibly driven out of their homeland.In those days, the British Council Library had an entrance with no long winded signboards and notices to make you feel you were sneaking into a forbidden area.The practice of untouchability has been forbidden in any form.The Chinese were aware of the dangers of opium addiction, and the Emperor had forbidden its production and sale except for medicinal purposes.The word comes from Latin, which means 'I forbid'.What lay at the end of that forbidden route? Not only Tilloo, but a great majority of the community would have liked to know.

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