Gag example sentences

These industries are engaged in producing goods through processing of raw materials and thus creating form utilities.Although a large section of people suffer from food and nutrition insecurity in India, the worst affected groups are landless or land poor households in rural areas and people employed in ill paid occupations and casual labourers engaged in seasonal activities in the urban areas.You will, however, understand them better when you engage in exercises related to them.You engaged us in your service to serve your own ends and suppressed us to such an extent that neither our minds nor our bodies and nor even our hearts work, nor are we able to march forward.Others engage in passive coping, which leads to reduced activity and social withdrawal.It is true that if women are engaged in paid work, their dignity in the household and society increases.It may pledge or mortgage some assets as a secured loan against the said loan.In some cases, business is required to mortgage its assets as security while obtaining funds from external sources.They tend to engage in any activity irrespective of its earning potential.It may pledge or mortgage some assets as a secured loan against the said loan.As a subject (actor) the self actively engages in the process of knowing itself.Psychologists have found strong evidence which shows that behaviours we engage in and our lifestyles greatly influence health.Those who resisted, engaged lawyers; the landlords hired thugs.In addition to physical surroundings, a psychologist actively engages in observing people and their actions.Similarly, lawyers are engaged in the legal profession, governed by the Bar Council of India and Chartered Accountants belong to the accounting profession and are subject to the regulations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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