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These three processes are examples of mental activities related to the gathering and interpretation of information about the social world, collectively called social cognition.Over the years many students of democracy have gathered careful evidence to see what the relationship of democracy with economic growth and economic inequalities is.Generally, they hunted wild animals, caught fish and birds, gathered fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, leaves, stalks and eggs.आमतौर पर खाने के लिए वे जंगली जानवरों का शिकार करते थे, मछलियाँ और चिड़िया पकड़ते थे, फल-मूल, दाने, पौधे-पित्तयाँ, अंडे इकठ्ठा किया करते थे|Later on, as more information was gathered about the causes of aggression, it became clear that frustration is not the only, or even a major cause of aggression.While closing the interview, the interviewer should summarise what s/he has been able to gather.By that evening, soldiers and striking workers had gathered to form a 'soviet' or 'council' in the same building as the Duma met.Arriving home he found another crowd gathered under a pandal.The best-known pastoral and huntergatherer tribe in history were the Mongols.Branches from fallen trees were gathered to light a reluctant and slow fire, on which to cook the rice.Agriculture, fishing and gathering are good examples.As the swadeshi movement gathered momentum, nationalists mobilised people to boycott foreign cloth.The sepoys said: the English were determined to wipe out the religions of the Hindus and the Muslims … they had made a list of eighty-four rules and announced these in a gathering of all big kings and princes in Calcutta.Many Bhil clans, nevertheless, remained huntergatherers.The perceiver gathers information, or responds to a given information, about the qualities of the target, organises this information, and draws inferences about the target.Bankim read out Durgeshnandini (1865), his first novel, to such a gathering of people who were stunned to realise that the Bengali novel had achieved excellence so quickly.

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