Go by example sentences

If we go by the rule that people will get as much as they can pay for then many people who cannot afford to pay for such facilities will be deprived of the opportunity to live a decent life.Did you know that in those days many people in the country believed that if they crossed the sea they would lose their religion and caste? So when in 1824 the sepoys were told to go to Burma by the sea route to figureht for the Company, they refused to follow the order, though they agreed to go by the land route.All this 'hard work' may involve very little 'work' if we go by the scientific definition of work.But since most of the members belong to a party, they go by the direction of the party leadership, irrespective of their personal opinions.If I were propelled by enthusiasm for travel per se, I would go by bus and train to Patna, then sail up the Ganges past Benaras to Allahabad, then up the Yamuna, past Agra to Delhi.

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