Happy example sentences

He was not happy that the forest adjoining their village is not regenerating and is on the verge of disappearing due to overgrazing of animals and indiscriminate felling of trees.The people were unhappy with the existing government.Like most Indians, she is also very much unhappy with the way politicians of the country have been behaving and running the parties and governments.They were unhappy about their pay, allowances and conditions of service.In this manner, from a happy yet often pensive child he grew up to be a mild and quiet youth.Will you be equally happy to live in both these countries? Are both equally developed? Perhaps some of us may like to live in country B if we are assured of being its fifth citizen but if it is a lottery that decides our citizenship number then perhaps most of us will prefer to live in country A.The government of the United States of America was unhappy with Allende's rule and is known to have supported and funded activities that led to the coup.I love you enough to let you be happy in your own way.Happyland is a democratic country because people were able to throw out the foreign rulers and bring back the king.For example, if the interaction is on a happy social occasion, such as a party or public celebration, the presence of a large number of persons in the same physical setting may cause no stress at all.The effect of management is noticeable in an organisation where targets are met according to plans, employees are happy and satisfied, and there is orderliness instead of chaos.You must have come across people who are unhappy, troubled and dissatisfied.The Kangaroo, though happy to carry the Duck all the way on the tip of his tail, is wary of her wet feet.Instead of the sour faces which ordinarily met him, the owner, who was an old man without wife or child, was happy to get someone to talk to in his loneliness.The people were unhappy with the existing government.

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