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Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee tried to play an innings with an aluminium bat, only to have it outlawed by the umpires.It would be a risk, a challenge, but I had to have it.Because there are so many advertisements in the market today, companies have to show the advertisement again and again to have it stick in people's minds.” I explained to her the close and venerable relationship between Bill and William, but she wouldn't have it.Back in the 1920s, the Indian National Congress – the main party of the freedom struggle – had promised that once the country won independence, each major linguistic group would have its own province.Therefore, every company is required to have its own seal which acts as an official signatures of the company.Colleagues! I will give you the report as I have it.There is no culture that does not have its flute — the reed neh, the recorder, the Japanese shakuhachi, the deep bansuri of Hindustani classical music, the clear or breathy flutes of South America the high-pitched Chinese flutes.Just think – will it be cheaper to have collective security for the whole locality or for each house to have its own security man? What if no one, other than you, in your village or locality is interested in studying? Would you be able to study? Not unless your parents could afford to send you to some private school elsewhere.

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